Pure Joy, Delivered

Bring the timeless fun and nostalgia of Cotton Candy to your next event. We deliver the fun to you!
A favorite confection spun from Organic cane sugar, high quality flavor extracts, and all natural colors. Served fresh to order from our custom cart with the utmost attention to service and experience, or delivered to your door packaged in airtight sustainable tubs to be enjoyed at your convenience. 
Delight the senses with our delicate candy floss in flavors both classic and surprising, spun fresh at your next event or favor-ready!



Bring the joy with freshly spun cotton candy.

Please reach out if you would like live Cotton Candy Cart Catering.

We are still assessing all events on a one-by-one basis with regards to current Covid-19 policies and recommendations. 

Public Relations

Grand Openings, Customer & Staff Appreciation Events, Brand Activation - make it memorable with this unexpected treat. We look forward to helping you party down!

Want SugarWhirled on your store's shelves? Have a fun collaboration (calling all mixologists!)? Let's work together to make something magical. 

Dentists, you say?

While hand spun sugar similar to today's cotton candy may have originated as early as the 15th century, today's confection, and the machines that produce it, were introduced by...wait for it... a confectioner and a Dentist! at the 1904 World's Fair



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