Rainbow Sprinkles

What the Fluff?


Pure Sugar!

Why yes, we are talking about pure (Organic) sugar, but how much?
The average serving of cotton candy is a tablespoon of sugar - about 15 grams or 60 calories. You'll find almost three times that much in a can of soda. You can feel good about treating yourself and your guests to a bit of spun happiness.

Nothing Fake About It

The pink and blue candy floss you pick up at the fair has nothing on us. Our cotton candy is made with pure Organic cane sugar, high quality natural flavors and all natural color. While you won't see the vibrant colors you are used to with conventional cotton candy, the quality and flavor will knock your socks off!

So Fresh

Cotton Candy from SugarWhirled will never be served at your event from a bag.
Each cone is created fresh for your guests. It doesn't stop at cones - want delicate puffs for drink toppers? A beautiful cake topper? With multiple flavors and toppings to choose from it's guaranteed to be a hit.